Homespun 2014


The Sine Waves at Sun Pier House

This last week (July 23rd to 26th) saw the second annual Homespun music festival in Medway.  Homespun is independently run and combines performances from the wealth of Medway’s musical talent with guests from further afield and forays into other forms, such as comedy and poetry.  It was an extremely well run affair. I was asked to be one of the official photographers for these events and can happily say I had an excellent time and saw some stunning performances.  It was great to walk around and hear quality music coming out of so many venues.  The streets were alive with the sound of music.  Of course, one camera can only capture so much from such a huge roster of gigs, but I did my best. Click HERE or on the photo above to see photos of the following:

Dave Read  :  Rastko  :  Jowe Head and the Demi Monde  :  Punching Swans  :  Theatre Royal  :  The Wolfhounds  :  Bear vs Manero  :  Carmen Delicia IV  :  Christopher Quietly and His Special Orchestra  :  Clair Meyrick  :  Balance Lost  : John Forrester  :  The Flowing  :   The Love Family  :  Stanley Knife  :  The Sine Waves  :  The Galileo 7  :  Younghusband  :  The Parade

See also the photos of m’colleague Bill Gooch as he posts over time. He’s a top geezer :0)





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