Homespun 2015



Time flies. Last week saw the third Homespun festival in Medway. Homespun started small and independent and remains independent, yet slightly bigger and arguably better than ever before. By the people for the people and all that. It’s the best festival in Medway in my view. Mind you, I can be a bit opinionated sometimes.

As ever, there’s only so much you can see with just the one camera and no Tardis. I managed to get shots of (in order of appearance) Bob Collins, Mark Morriss, Sleep Society, Tiny Ghost, The Only Sun, Spectres, Theatre RoyalLost Film Foundation (formerly The Parade), Wiremother, Frau Pouch, Gavin Alexander, Maggie Zenwa, Harvey Fishbone and the Aquarium Klezmorium, Stuart Turner and The Flat Earth SocietyDead Belles, The Dredgermen, Reavsey, Balance Lost, Brigadier Ambrose, Silent Front, Graham Day and The Forefathers and Shitwife.

Click HERE or on the photo of Sleep Society above to see more.

I’m looking forward to seeing shots from the other photographers I bumped into over the course of Homespun. I’ll share when I see. Thanks for looking.


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