“…he clearly knows how to take the tension from a room and coolly pop it into his camera” – Mark Young (The Moon The Eye)

“…almost defies rational vision … I know this street well and I’ve never seen it like this. I’m impressed” – Eric Hands

“It’s the sort of image that makes you want to hear the music, which is a real accomplishment I reckon” – Kathy Archbold

“He takes some brilliant candid shots, without appearing to be intrusive. He sees pictorial possibilities where others might pass by … full of humour, observation, and a clear love of his environment. His style is his own, with a great instinct for natural composition. He doesn’t shrink from the ugly, but points it up well so no comment is necessary.” – Conundrum37 (on Flickr)

“In the words of the man himself … ‘buggering hell, that’s fantastic ‘ is the most common thought I have when looking at his pictures.  His pictures show you that it’s OK to read the guides, then go out and break every rule anyhow – and his results are often breathtaking , challenging and have that “wow” factor that’s hard to explain but clearly there in spades.” – Pix1966 (on Flickr)

“Masterful use of aspect ratio. Brilliant observation of fleeting moments. An articulate visual expression of atmosphere. Full of suggestion without giving it away. I conjure up a story line for each and every one.” – Monaxle



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